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Spiritual Warfare Part 5 – Spirit Filled Podcast Episode 49

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Spiritual Warfare #5 – The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail

Once Satan fails to destroy the seed line and is allowed to attack Jesus on the cross he realizes the terrifying truth that he has lost the battle at the cross. But what does he do now? Join our podcast to find the answer.

Spiritual Warfare 5

Spiritual Warfare Part 4 – Spirit Filled Podcast Episode 48

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Spiritual Warfare #4 – A river of blood

Sometimes we have no idea what’s going on as we look at the suffering around us, but when we look back through history we can see that there is another story. Join us as Satan searches for the seed.

Spiritual Warfare 4

Spiritual Warfare Part 3 – Spirit Filled Podcast Episode 47

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Spiritual Warfare #3 – Nothing new under the sun.

What are three documents hatched in hell and believed by billions?
Join our third podcast on spiritual warfare and find out.

Spiritual Warfare 3

Spiritual Warfare Part 2 – Spirit Filled Podcast Episode 46

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Spiritual Warfare #2–

Who is Satan anyway? Where did he come from? Why should I be concerned?

Spiritual Warfare 2

Spiritual Warfare Part 1– Spirit Filled Podcast Episode 45

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Spiritual Warfare #1–

Don’t you hate when someone lies to you? Satan knows the effectiveness of his war depends on his lies, for he is as Jesus says the father of lies.
Spiritual Warfare 1

#2 THE BEATITUDES – Spirit Filled Podcast Episode 22

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Do you know who you are? Do you understand what the heart of sin is? Do you know why the first Beatitudes opens the door to the kingdom of heaven? Listen to this podcast and find the first step of blessedness.